Embark on a journey with Santa Bazooka, where Christmas spirit and crypto integrity converge. Far from just another memecoin, I embody a battle against blockchain and real-world injustices. My quest is to honor the virtuous and punish the deceitful, targeting not just crypto villains but also curbing misleading meme coins and digital excesses. As the symbol of market fairness and festive giving, I stand for more than trading; I represent a commitment to honesty, community spirit, and charity. Be part of the Santa Bazooka movement, a force reshaping cryptocurrency with integrity and joy.

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A New Chapter in Crypto Philanthropy & Warfare

Santa Bazooka isn't just a token; it's a movement. With each transaction, we pledge a gift to reputable charities, making the blockchain not just a space for profit but also for purposeful generosity.

As we strive to enrich our token holders, we will go to war with all memecoins. The "good" will be rewarded, and the "naughty" will face justice. This isn't just a coin; it's a commitment to the betterment of our community and the world.

Beyond the token, dive into our world of exclusive merchandise and gear up for the upcoming online game set to launch next year. It's more than fun; it's an experience that binds us together.

Get ready for the Great Burn — a defining event where we rally the community and burn a significant portion of the tokens to increase scarcity and value. The countdown to December 25th, 2023, has begun. Join us as we tick closer to this momentous occasion !

Embark on a journey with Santa Bazooka, where Christmas spirit and crypto integrity converge. Stand with us as we reshape cryptocurrency with integrity and joy, proving once and for all that this project is far from a fleeting meme- it is a legacy in the making.


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Total Supply: 25 Billion

Presale Allocation

Funds allocated for presale investors.
10% of total supply
2.5 billion tokens

Community Distribution

Reserved for community rewards and airdrops.
35% of total supply
8.75 billion tokens

Liquidity and Reserve

To ensure market stability and fund future liquidity pools.
15% of total supply
3.75 billion tokens

Charity Allocation

Dedicated to supporting charitable causes.
10% of total supply
2.5 billion tokens

Development and Marketing

For ongoing project development and outreach.
10% of total supply
2.5 billion tokens

Team Allocation

Compensation for the team's effort and dedication.
10% of total supply
2.5 billion tokens

🔥Token Burn Event🔥

A decisive event reducing the total supply by 50%, enhancing value and scarcity.

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0 Hours
0 Minutes
0 Seconds

Post-Burn Supply Adjustments

After the burn, the total supply will be approximately 12.5 billion SBZK Tokens. Adjustments will be made transparently, reflecting the actual distribution and market activities.


Phase 1

  • Launch Website
  • Launch Public Presale
  • Build Engaged Community
  • Burn Event

Phase 2

  • Marketing Campaign
  • DEX Listings
  • War on all memecoins
  • Opening of merchandise store

Phase 3

  • Donate to Charities
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Launch Community Rewards Program
  • CEX Listing
  • Release First NFT Collection

Phase 4

  • Release Second NFT Collection
  • Develop Santa Bazooka Game
  • + $100M Market Cap
  • Take memecoins hostage
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Join the Santa Bazooka movement - a token with a mission to bring joy and fairness to the blockchain world.

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